Week 21|Project 52| Guam Photographer

This was the first week of FestPac here on Guam.  It only happens every four years and we are so excited to be able to experience it.  We went for opening ceremonies and watched the canoes coming in from 26 other pacific islands.  My daughter loves seeing all of the different clothing that everyone is wearing.  My husband and I love the dancing and chants.  My three year old loves to run around and talk to any person who will listen.  It is really cute to see him interact with so many different people and to see how every culture treats children differently.  The delegates from Taiwan loved holding baby P and took lots of pictures of my littles. FestPac

The photography group I am a part of here on Guam is pretty active.  They have met up almost daily to go and take photos at FestPac.  I have not gone with them but have been able to see meet up while there.  I am trying to focus on my children and get them learning as much as possible and that is hard to do when I have my camera.  I need to learn the balance of being an active mom and taking photos with the good camera.  Maybe next week?

At the Guam delegate hut they were making different things with coconut leaves.  This man made A and G fish and a fishing pole.


Nicole is back to blogging this week and this time she has a two and a four year old
(birthdays are the best).  Head over to her blog here to see what she has been up to.

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