Taylor’s Cake Smash | Guam Newborn Photographer

Taylor Cake SmashCake smash sessions are one of my favorite sessions to be apart of.  I love seeing babies react to the cake.  It is just as funny to me to see how the parents react.  It is normally very messy, and everyone involved gets some icing on them. Taylor had her own idea about a cake smash session.

Sweet Taylor did not want anything to do with her cake.  Her mom even put some of the icing in her mouth and Taylor was more interested in the letters, or the beach.  She loved being outside and was completely comfortable on the beach and near the water.  We walked her around a little, moved the session into the trees more, then back on the because off the crate, onto the ground, on the cake stand… it didn’t matter, she was there for the sun and surf and not the cake.  Despite not wanting cake we had a great session together.  Taylor has a very sweet spirit and was very calm the entire session.  It was really easy to see her relationship with her mom is really strong.

Taylor Cake SmashTaylor Cake SmashTaylor Cake SmashTaylor Cake Smash

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