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Come with me as we explore Tarzan Falls, or as I tell you about our Tarzan Falls Fail.  Tarzan Falls Fail


I had the best plan to go on a Saturday morning hike with the family.  We all had water.  We were sunscreened and bug sprayed.  We had hats on, and the right shoes.  We drove to Tarzan Falls, parked near about 8 other cars, and started the beautiful and supposedly well marked hike at around 9am.  We start out hike and it is beautiful.  The day is perfect.  The kids are having fun running and finding sticks.  They are pointing out beautiful colors in the rocks, and cool things all around the path.
Tarzan Falls FailTarzan Falls FailTarzan Falls Fail

We are truly enjoying ourselves.  I mention to my hubby that I think we are lost.  Then we see a trail marker.  The path keeps splitting in different places but the three websites we read or are actually reading as we are walking say the path splits and they all lead to the same place, meaning the falls.  Well about an hour into the hike we are running low on water.  My sweet three year old keeps asking if we are there yet.  We climb or slide, or fall down a few really, really, steep areas until I make the call for us to turn around.  I can hear and see the water but can’t get to it in any safe way.  On the very slow, and very hot hike back to the car which we only know where we are going because the giant windmill is right near the parking we see a few families.

Tarzan Falls FailTarzan Falls FailTarzan Falls FailTarzan Falls FailTarzan Falls Fail

We talked about the falls, and getting lost, they got lost the first time they went out there too.  The sweet families offer to let us follow but at this point we are down to one bottle of water for the five of us so we continue to the car.  About 30 minutes later we make it to the car.  We want to try the hike again, but next time we plan on sitting in the car and following another family out there, you know, like stalkers.

Also, immediately after the hike we went to the store and purchased Camelbak’s for the whole family.  We will not be running low on water any time soon.


Tarzan Falls Fail

Here is one of the two markers we saw the entire time.  We did see a pair of swim trunks hanging from a tree too, I guess that is a marker.

Tarzan Falls Fail

My sweet girl heading back to the car after our Tarzan Falls Fail. She is still so happy.


Tarzan Falls Fail

My sweet, dirty, and exhausted boy asking if we are going home yet.

Thanks for reading our survival story, now go see how Amber’s week was here!

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