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Week 22 Spock and Ella
This week I wanted to focus on my first babies.  Spock and Ella.  They are all black miniature schnauzers and they are the sweetest little things.  I love them.  My kids love them.  They are 100% our family members.  We got Spock in Italy.  He is 8 years old.  He is basically an old man.  He has always been very cautious.  When we got him I was taking him potty outside and a pit bull ran up and started barking.  I
picked Spock up and held him while the pit bulls owner came and got him. Now, this is not a story about how pit bulls are bad, because they are not.  Anyways, a few weeks later I was walk
ing Spock on base in Naples and there was a pack of wild dogs that circled us.  Spock, at four months old was in my arms as we tried to walk away without any issues.  All at once I heard t
Week 22 Spock and Ellahis deep, very deep and aggressive bark and then Spock jumped out of my arms and was attacking one of the wild dogs.  He ended up chasing the pack off.  We have been inseparable ever since.

Week 22 Spock and EllaElla.  Well, we got Ella at a mall in Arizona.  Evan just got home for a two week break from OCS and I just lost another baby, this one at 25 weeks along.  I saw her and immediately needed this sweet and wild little thing in my life.  She was four pounds when we brought her home.  Spock hated her.  Well, maybe hate is a strong word.  Let’s just say Spock loved that he could be up on the couch and she couldn’t reach him.  We joke that each time we bring something home, first Ella, then one baby, then anot
her, then another, Spock thinks we should take it back.  Ella is feisty.  She thinks she is the boss.  She loves to be touched.  She is under my feet while I type this.  She loves to dance with the kids, and do tricks for treats.

Week 22 Spock and EllaBoth dogs sleep under my babies beds when we bring them home up until they are about two years old.  If a baby cries the dogs come and get me.

Week 22 Spock and EllaDon’t forget to check out Nicole’s project 52 post.  You can do so by clicking here.

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