Something Extraordinary: {the little black boat}

Hey everyone!  Thanks for coming over to read Something Extraordinary: {the little black boat}.  Something Extraordinary is a blog about military spouses who own their own business.  Last month I featured Homeport: Washington and this month I am featuring the adorable shop called {the little black boat} owned by Jessica Schecter.  Seriously, that is the cutest business name ever.

Something Extraordinary: {the little black boat}

Rayna- “Tell me about yourself. What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies? Fun facts?”

Jessica from {the little black boat}- “Military spouse. Mom to an adorable four year old boy and 10 month old dog. I love to read. Write. Paint. Wood work.”

Rayna– “When did you start your business and what is it you do?”

Jessica from {the little black boat}-  “I started my business in October 2010. I was tired of having to find a new job every time we PCSed so I decided to start something new and I love it. My work moves with me and grows with each move. I make wooden signs, primarily military pride pieces, but also everyday and holiday pieces too.”

Rayna– “What part of {the little black boat} brings you the most joy?”

Jessica from {the little black boat}-  “I LOVE my submarine dolphins signs the most. They are truly my pride and joy. Each one I make is a little different being hand painted, and whether they have a family name over them, or they’re by themselves, I love making them.”

Rayna– “What is unique about {the little black boat}?”

Jessica from {the little black boat}- “Each piece is made from start to finish by me. I cut, sand, stain/paint every last piece. No outsourcing here. It’s all me in my little garage. :)”


Something Extraordinary: {the little black boat}

Rayna– “Where do you draw the most inspiration from?”

Jessica from {the little black boat}-  “My inspiration comes from the men and women in our Armed Forces. They’re my heroes. Being a Submariner’s Wife, Air Force brat, sister to an National Guardsman, Granddaughter to a Navy Vet, and Granddaughter-in-Law to a WWII paratrooper, the military is in my blood and I appreciate GREATLY every sacrifice they’ve made.”

Rayna- “What is the best thing that could happen for you and your business this year?”

Jessica from {the little black boat}- “Continuing to get my pieces in military families homes. I love creating for Hail & Farewells and retirements the most… knowing that my pieces are going from friends and families to their military loved ones makes each piece special for me.”

To see all of Jessica’s work at visit her at {the little black boat} 

Also, if you have’t tired chalk paint, you are missing out!  It is my absolute favorite thing to paint with.

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