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We have traveled to six states and one US territory in the past 22 days.  We are exhausted.  In Oregon we saw snow, sun, and rain, along with my husband’s grandparents. In Utah, and Arizona we saw cousins, aunts, and uncles.  We headed to California just to drop our car off to be shipped to Guam and then fly to Hawaii.  In Hawaii we met up with Navy family, and the wonderful Sharleen from Sharleen Mey Photography .  We had a family photo session scheduled with her and we are SO happy with the sneak peek’s she already showed us.  It was a great experience being on the other end of the camera and I can’t even tell you how stressed my three year old made me.  More on that will come in another blog post.

To see some of the fun from the past few weeks head over to instagram.

Six States Guam Newborn Photographer


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