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Anchored Owl Photography PodcastsMom life. It is hard. We work in our home. Some of us work from home. We raise babies. We take care of our fur babies. Some days the only adult we talk to is our spouse. When my husband was deployed I would go days without talking to another adult. Of course I would see my friends posts on social media and I did/do have a great group of people in my life. Without making this complicated it is nice to just hear intelligent conversation that doesn’t revolve around toys and that is available at any time. Can I get an Amen?

Podcasts are my go to for this. They are free. They upload to my phone automatically (bonus!). My favorite is Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! You guys, this show cracks me up every single time I listen.  I keep old episodes on my phone because I just keep going back to them.  It is a little political but what I love is they joke about everyone.  No one is safe.  They equally poke fun at each political party, every celebrity, even one another.  It is also a really great way to stay up to date on current events.  Plus it is a safe zone, anyone else tired of reading every single “friends” Facebook political opinion?

I have never read much into the show or panelists or how long they have worked together but it feels like they have been friends for a very long time.   My  favorite part about the show is how much each panelist laughs right along with us listeners.

Do you listen to podcasts?  If so, what are some of your favorites?

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