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OKC Homecoming

Welcome home OKC!  I have participated in many homecomings.  The OKC homecoming was one of the best. I have been a spouse for them, an Ombudsman, and a photographer and this one was the most organized I have ever been to.  All of the families seemed to know the fame plan.  I could tell the communication was fantastic between the command and the families.  The FRG had a table there for the children to make a sign or simply keep them busy.  They put together bags for the single sailors full of essentials like laundry soap, body wash, and Christmas cookies.  The high school band was there to play music and it really provided an nice environment for all of the emotions the families were feeling.  The command and FRG even had Santa come ride in with the boat and bring special presents to the children.  It was so great!


OKC Homecoming
OKC HomecomingOKC HomecomingOKC HomecomingAlthough it was fun to connect with all of the families there, the Emerson family asked me to come and capture their reunion.  I loved being there for them.  It was an honor capturing their emotions and helping to document these memories forever.  It was special to see the older children still get excited for dad to come home.

Thank you to the Emerson family for allowing me to be there for you during the OKC homecoming.  Thank you to the crew of the OKC and to the families for all you do so we can have the freedoms we have.

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