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Mommy & Me Dadi BeachSarah is one of the first people I met when we got to this beautiful island, and I didn’t really meet here.  We went to Chamorro Village our first week being here and I noticed the beautiful work she created with sea glass.  She is at Chamorro Village every Wednesday night.  Make sure to stop by and see her work.  My favorite thing she makes is the tree ornament.  It is so well made.  All of her items would make great gifts.  You can read that blog post by clicking here
Mommy & Me Dadi Beach

It was easy for her to choose a location and as soon as I got there I knew why.  It is beautiful at Dadi Beach.  Besides the location my favorite part was watching her two boys interact.  They were really sweet to one another.  I am not sure if it was just because the camera was on but I enjoyed seeing them pick up rocks for one another and show each other where to throw the next one.

Mommy & Me Dadi Beach


Mommy & Me Dadi BeachSister was fun to watch too.  She went from jumping with her brothers to hugging her mom within minutes.  I love her sense of humor.  She is a fun girl who I think might be growing up too fast for her momma’s liking. 🙂
Mommy & Me Dadi Beach

Big brother is a protector for sure.  He was very quiet and reserved, and always paying attention to his surroundings.  He is content and happy.

Mommy & Me Session Dadi Beach
Mommy & Me Dadi Beach
And this boy?  He is so friendly.  He was very concerned with getting his shorts wet which I thought was funny because I would bet any other time he would not care that he was getting messy.  Little boys.  They are so silly.
Mommy & Me Dadi Beach

Thank you Rau family for letting me capture some beautiful moments of your family.

You can see Sarah’s work at Shining Shores Sea Glass.

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