Week 27 | Guam Family Photographer


This week I planned a family hike to Masso Reservoir. I was a little nervous at first because I am not a hiker.  I get nervous taking the kids out to locations I have never been before and I am afraid of getting lost. Thankfully Guam has really nice family hikes that are well planned and marked so you don’t get lost.  My littles are such troopers too.  They are always willing to explore as a family.

MASSO RESERVOIRAt Masso Reservoir anyone can fish off the dock and I met a man there who actually helped develop the reservoir.  He said that you can get tilapia if you come in the morning.

MASSO RESERVOIRI love this girl.


It is a really easy hike but I wouldn’t bring a stroller, and next time we head out we are going to bring more  than just one bottle of water each.  I suggest tennis shoes or closed toe shoes as well as sunscreen.  It is hot here on Guam and  though there were trees and lots of greenery there wasn’t very much shade.


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