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Half Birthday

When this momma contacted me about a half birthday session I was so excited.  I feel like all parents should implement this into their yearly photos to take.  Baby’s change so much in such a short amount of time, and a half birthday session is a great way to document those changes.  Half birthday sessions not only show the changes in baby, but also in the relationships we have as mom and dad.

Kinslee was so calm and interested in everything around us during her session.  It was so easy to capture beautiful, and timeless photos of her.  During the session I was even able to hold her while capturing sweet moments between her mom and dad.  At one point she wanted to nurse and after asking mom if I could document it I was able to capture those sweet baby hands reaching towards moms face.  Who else has a baby who does this while nursing?  It is the sweetest connection between two people.

Both of Kinslee’s parents were very involved and super cute with her.  Dad had his own camera out and was taking video and helping to get her attention.  I think the three adults there did a pretty great job.  I don’t think she ate too much sand.


Half Birthday Half Birthday Half Birthday Half Birthday Half Birthday Half Birthday Half Birthday Half Birthday

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