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Week 19

For week 19  I have been focusing on my sweet baby girl.  You see, she turn 5 next week.  FIVE! Yes, kids grow up, but it never feels real when they are yours.  I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her.  It was less than a week after my husband and I were told we had less than 2% of a chance to have a child.  This little girl has been the most amazing blessing to our lives.  She is so friendly to everyone she meets and there is not a competitive bone is her little body.  I love how thoughtful she is.  I am excited to see her grow because I can’t wait to become even better friends with her.

Sweet girl you are the best big sister.

You love to spend time with mommy no matter what I am doing.  Yesterday, we picked weeds out of the back yard and you did so happily.  Today, you helped me lay new grass seed.

You are so interested in the solar system and the human body.  In school you love to study those subjects and you are so attentive to everything I am teaching.

Week 19

You love your daddy, and you always make sure to tell him that you miss him when we FaceTime with him.

You are a hard worker.  You try until you succeed and can often be heard telling your brothers “practice makes perfect.”

Your favorite foods right now are golden delicious apples, carrot, orange bell peppers, andwatermelon.  You are very quick to say you love sweet treats and sprinkles.  This year you picked out strawberry cake to make on your birthday, our annual tradition.

You, sweet girl are the light of our lives.  We love you.  You are incredible.

Week 19

Thanks for always checking in.  Be sure to check out what Sharleen was up to this week.

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