Project 52 | Guam Family Photographer | Week 45

Eight sessions

Anchored Owl Photography

I had eight sessions this week.  8! It was fantastic to get to work with so many families.  I really love what I do.  I love connecting with people and having so much fun doing it.  In between one session I grabbed my littles for some pics.  They were happy to hang out with the snowman they helped make.  He was a lot of work.  I am not sure which was harder, getting the sand together or keeping them from destroying him. Ha! Photographing my own children is always a shock to me.  They grow so quickly and photographs really help me to stop and live the moment.

How are your Christmas plans going? Have you started shopping yet? Do you celebrate Christmas with gifts or by doing something else?  We try to stick to a five gifts max then one big gift for all to share. It isn’t easy sticking to that rule especially when we do not have family around.  Every year we do participate in a book exchange between the kids and volunteer work.  This year we are focusing on military families and are delivering food to the USO here on Guam.  What are your traditions?


eight sessions

Anchored Owl Photography

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