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Cutie PetuniasCutie Petunias
When we first received orders to Guam all of the informational pages had me so worried about finding clothes for my little ones.  I heard so many nightmare stories about how no one will ship to Guam. I also heard about how things get lost in the mail all the time.  Almost as soon as moving to this beautiful island I learned  that those things are mostly just folklore.  After being here nearly a year only one thing has been lost in the mail and one thing wasn’t able to be shipped here from eBay.

Aside from mailing issues I was worried about finding unique items or stores that really seemed to fit me.  Those worries flew away as soon as I walked into Cutie Petunias.  Have you all been in there yet?  Her store is super clean, well organized, and beautiful.  It is safe for children to walk around and shop, there is uplifting music playing, and the owner is there working on her hand made items.  You guys, I can’t even find the words to describe how cute the store is.  Just go there.  Go to Cutie Petunias and just breath in the beauty.

There are bibs, rompers, dresses, pants, t-shirts, shoes, hair accessories… the list goes on and on.


Cutie Petunias
Cutie Petunias
Cutie Petunias

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