Baby Ayden | Guam Newborn Photographer

My first newborn session of the new year went to baby A. I photographed her parents earlier in 2015 because they were going to try to adopt. They needed new photos to put into their package. This photo would help the birth mother decide who to gift her baby to. I received an email from baby A’s dad in December asking about my schedule for January. I easily gave him some details and had not heard back from him until roughly two weeks ago . He quickly filled me in and said they were chosen by a birth mom and she just had her baby! We scheduled her session and got Ayden in as soon as possible. This session was so heartwarming. This session secured my faith in God, and His plan for each of us. I was whispering to Ayden that she was the luckiest girl in the world because (most) anyone can have a baby, but she was chosen, hand picked by God and by secular powers to go to the family she is with now. Baby Ayden, you are loved.

Baby Ayden

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